Making children's dreams come true and bringing a shiny future


Operating business must be along with charity activities. This has always been an honorable thing for any business. The ALS leaders always consider charity activities a traditional culture to maintain during the development journey from the foundation day until now.

ALS's charity activities always focus on helping people in difficult circumstances and lighting more faith for the less fortunate. Children are an important group of society who are the tectonic factors, symbolizing our future. They are also vulnerable, dependent, and care required to have opportunities to grow fully.

Therefore, the ALS Voluntary Fund has carried out many charity activities for children. We annually sponsor and award scholarships to needy students whose good records encourage and inspire. In addition, the Fund also organizes/ co-organizes events to give Tet gifts to disadvantaged children in localities where ALS networks are located. Charity trips to bring warm clothes and assistance to children in the highlands - where these children still live in a deprived environment. Besides, the Fund also supports children suffering from serious diseases regularly at the National Children's Hospital, K Hospital, National Hospital of Hematology and Blood Transfusion, ...

Each charity trip makes ALS staff touched by meeting and interacting with children. "Children like young leaves on branches," every child needs to be cherished in love, but there are also several cases got difficulties in society. The ALS Voluntary Fund keeps the mission to take care, inspired, and carry out more charity activities for children to contribute to our future."

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