On-demand transportation solutions

With experience and capabilities, ALS is capable of consulting, connecting, and meeting specific logistics requirements.

Together with our partners, ALS is able to design optimal solutions to resolve business’s logistics problems

ALS - on-demand logistics services supplier

Each industry field has its own requirements for logistics management. Aviation Logistics Corporation could design a unique plan which is the most suitable service for your company.


On-demand transportation solutions

Diversified value-added services (Cargo terminal services, warehouse for lease, trucking, customs clearance, training,....)
Easy to expand, flexible to run and adaptable to change according market’s trends and other effects.
Customers can use ALS’s services separately or combine them into multi-services to manage.
Design for each business to ensure standards.



ALS proudly become the leader in providing trucking solutions for enterprises. We are here to help you optimize delivery costs and ensure the circulation of goods quickly and accurately.
  • Trucking business permission certificate
  • Quality trucking service certificate
  • ISO 9001:2015


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