Bonded warehouse

ALS has experience in customs declaration and customs clearance with direct support from local customs divisions. Our bonded warehouse service will be an effective solution for organizations/businesses/individuals.

ALS - bonded warehouses are well managed.

- Total area is up to 15.000 sqm with international standard facilities.

- Two-level security, 24/7 CCTV, automatic management software


ALS bonded warehouse

Bonded warehouses were built at convenient places, easy to deliver, receive or carry out procedures related to import and export goods.
Support and consult capability at bonded warehouse procedures for customers based on knowledge of regulations, laws, and connection to authorities.
Value-added services: sorting, labelling, packaging, counting, distributing, ...



ALS is the leading in serving bonded warehouse system services in Vietnam. All bonded warehouses are fully equipped to meet all demands.
  • Bonded warehouse recognition
  • Bonded warehouse certificate
  • Fire fighting and prevention certificate
  • ISO 9001:2015

Location: ALS bonded warehouses

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