What is cool storage? Why is cool storage is necessary?

Cool storage is a warehouse where perishable goods are stored and refrigerated. The warehouse is designed in an environment below the outdoor temperature. Products needin...

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What is a bonded warehouse in Vietnam?

A bonded warehouse is a warehouse area established in the territory of Vietnam, separating the surrounding area to temporarily store, preserve or perform several services...

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Cold storage warehouse service provider in Vietnam

A cold storage warehouse is storage designed with specific environmental conditions to keep goods safe at appropriate temperatures. These warehouses usually look like any...

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ALS warehouse service in Vietnam provides international standards

ALS warehouse service in Vietnam provides international standards services for any kinds of goods in Ha Noi, Bac Ninh, Thai Nguyen, and key industrial zones in northern V...

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Aviation industry to support Covid 19 vaccine transportation

Upon the Covid-19 epidemic complicated situation in both domestic and worldwide, Vietnam airlines have supported disease prevention with transporting doctors healthcare e...

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Vietnam Aviation to breakthrough after Covid-19 pandemic

With the covid-19 situation, major airlines in the South East Asia region included: Thai Airways, Malaysia Airlines or Philippines Airlines are under reconstructing proce...

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The leading aviation logistics company in Vietnam

Logistics in Vietnam is one of the industries with hot growth recently with double-digit mark around 12 - 18% yearly, according to the assessment of the Ministry of Indus...

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