Customs clearance services in Vietnam

Customs clearance services can be explained by showing the process of goods being handled from the factory to the airports/ports and going to other countries.

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Satellite warehouse provider in Vietnam

Satellite warehouse in Vietnam is in the booming stage to catch up with the uprising demand from businesses. Which logistics businesses can provide suitable satellite warehouse...

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What is aviation logistics?

Basically, aviation logistics is similar with other logistics sectors (Maritime, road, rail, water, etc.) in the concept of bringing goods from point A to B, but aviation...

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Document warehouse for lease in Gia Lam – Long Bien, Hanoi

ALS’s document warehouse system in Hanoi was well-known amongst many businesses and organizations for which national document archiving standard and convenience services with...

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Activities at Customs supervision warehouse

Basically, a customs supervision warehouse is a common warehouse with a customs agency supervising inside. Customs supervision warehouses are usually large-area warehouses,...

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Research Vietnam logistics market according to Vietnam Report

In the context that the epidemic is under control, the global logistics market is on the verge of recovery, port congestion is reduced after epidemic prevention measures are...

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China aims homegrown logistics giants to take on FedEx and UPS

China's ambition and logistics strategy has answered the question why the shipping fee from China to the US or to Vietnam is cheaper than the domestic shipping fee...

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Vietnam logistics industry overview

This report aims to provide more information about Vietnam logistics industry from 2020 to 2021, which includes statistics for various modes of transportation, distribution...

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What is AFS warehouse? Which unit provides AFS warehouse in Vietnam?

AFS warehouse or Air freight station is a form of temporary storage for import/export goods along with packing and handling ULD for distribution, temporary admission, re-export...

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What is IATA certificate? Which is the most reliable IATA-certified provider in Vietnam?

Air transport is the most rigorous mode of transport in the world today that being monitored by standards and certifications, the goal is helping to ensure aviation security...

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What is warehousing service? How important is it?

Warehousing service represents "warehouse" + "transport". Accordingly, this service includes storing, handling, packaging, and arranging goods following customers' requests....

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Top 5 Vietnam provinces with highest export turnover in first 10 months of 2022

According to data from the General Department of Vietnam Customs, the whole country has 8 localities with export turnover of over 10 billion USD in the first 10 months of...

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