Vietnam export 2023 and criteria of new generation of FTAs

In the context of green growth, circular economy is becoming a global trend and is required as a positive solution to reduce emissions, improve competitiveness, and aim t...

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Global airlines “land” at Vietnam

In February 2022, the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam announced the lifting of all restrictions on passenger transportation by air. This opened up the aviation market...

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New series of electronic production projects "docked" in Vietnam

Following the wave of relocation of production facilities, in 2023, many technology giants said they would continue to expand and increase investment in Vietnam.

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Vietnam's industrial park real-estate rental price increases, along wtih 12% profits ...

In 2023, net profit of listed industrial park developers is expected to grow by about 12% year-on-year, as rental prices are expected to increase by 2-3% YoY.

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10 Vietnamese logistics events in 2022

In 2022, Vietnam logistics industry made progressive movements to catch the headwinds of foreign investment

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The goals of Vietnam logistics to 2025

Recently, Vietnam Prime minister approved action plan for advancing competitive index and develop Vietnam logistics services towards to 2025

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Chu Lai port to provide top logistics services for FDIs in Vietnam’s central region

With the advantage of geographical location located on the important traffic axes of the country, having many large seaports, along with abundant labor resources, in rece...

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Vietnam overpass UK to become top 7 commercial logistics partner of US

The share of goods trade between Vietnam and the US increased by 2,7% in the first 10 months of 2022, 0,1% more than the UK, according to Census Bureau data. From 2004-20...

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Vietnam’s industrial real-estate remains upbeat

According to data from the Vietnam Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI), in 11 months, the total newly registered and adjusted foreign investment capital (FDI) reach...

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Vietnam became the largest trade surplus partner of South Korea

In the 30th anniversary of the establishment of Korea-Vietnam relations, the Federation of Korean Industries (FKI) on December 21 announced the analysis results of the ch...

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Top Logistics Companies of Vietnam in 2022

Based on the indexes of financial capability, company’s prestige and actual surveys from businesses, we have listed top logistics companies of Vietnam in 2022. Let’s find...

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Warehouse supply tends to move to 4 related provinces of HCMC

According to VNDirect, in the southern market, the new supply of warehouses tends to move to Long An and Dong Nai, while the supply of ready-built factories moves to Binh...

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