ALS Off-Airport Cargo Terminal Services

ALS is a unique enterprise having capacity and condition to providing off-airport cargo terminal services in Vietnam.

ALS proudly is the leader in optimizing handling cost and saving time via aviation logistics.

ALS defines "Off – Airport cargo terminal services" concept in Vietnam

ALS Off – Airport cargo terminal system is an outstanding model to minimize waiting time at the airport, fasten international shipment flow.

Off – Airport cargo terminal system includes a separated warehouse with full function: security screening, weighting, customs declaration or customs clearance, loading/ unloading ULD.... which is similar to the procedures at the airport.


Off-Airport Cargo Terminal

Huge benefits: with this model, your company would get:
Much more convenient because of short distance between ALS Off– Airport cargo terminal and factories, costs and time saving, and easy delivery to the airport.
Easier to collect/ consolidate cargo from different locations. This would help the packing process into pallets or containers more quickly.
Time-saving for customs declaration/ clearance process.

Cargo handling process at Off- airport cargo terminal

Off- airport cargo terminal


ALS is allowed to operate Off - Airport Cargo terminal services by the General Department of Vietnam Customs, Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam, Ministry of Transportation, etc.
  • Off - Airport cargo terminal recognition
  • Off - Airport cargo terminal service permission
  • Firefighting and prevention certificate
  • ISO 9001 : 2015

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