Energizing serious diseases patients


With the spirit of solidarity, sympathy, and difficulties sharing, ALS always spends partly on charity activities, supporting the unfortunates. Patients of several hospitals such as the National Institute of Hematology - Blood Transfusion, VN National Cancer Hospital, National Children's Hospital... are people where ALS's Voluntary Fund focuses on helping. 

In these hospitals, patients significantly need support and protection more than anyone else. Most of them suffer from serious diseases such as cancer, CKD, hepatic failure, heart disease..., and consider the hospital home. The treatment process is long and expensive. Managing each meal and daily medicine becomes a burden; because conditions gradually drain their money, strength, and even faith in life.

Understanding these difficult circumstances, activities of the ALS Voluntary Fund become an annual event. We provide free meals for needy patients, giving presents or cash, milk and cakes to patients on holidays and Tet to encourage and give them joy.

Each event showed up ALS's representative. We encouraged and handed out gifts to unfortunate patients.

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