Standard Warehouse

ALS owns a warehouse system of nearly 14,500 m2 in Hanoi, to meet the increasing needs of goods storage and management of individuals, organizations/businesses.

ALS's warehouse system locates in convenient gateways, which is easy to connect to distribution locations inside and outside the city.

Multi-locations warehouse helps customers to take the initiative in choosing suitable locations depending on customer’s plan: consolidator center/ distribution center/ temporary warehouse for cargo waiting for import/export.

ALS standard warehouse can maximize capacity and store various goods easily, such as foods, drinks, materials, fast-moving goods, bulky goods, or other standard items.

ALS standard warehouse advantages:

Standard warehouse

100% cargo insurance (completely different from other standard warehouses in the market)
International standard management, double security (with staff & CCTV), modern Selective & Drive-in
Preferential rental rate policy, especially for new customers only from 10.000 VND/day and flexible leasing period.
Full value-added services without time-wasting: trucking, customs declaration, handling,...
On-demand cargo management: FIFO/ LIFO/etc, pallet/ item checklist.
All goods are managed by automatic software.



ALS warehouse system can easily maximise capacity, storing diverse types of cargo: food, F&B, materials, fast-moving goods, overweight cargo, oversize cargo, etc.
  • Warehouse owner certificate
  • Fire fighting and prevention certificate
  • ISO 9001:2015

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