IATA certification training

With the official authorization of IATA, ALS has become IATA Accredited Training School (ATS). Therefore, ALS has full qualities to train IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations by Air.

Learners will be certified IATA global certificates after finishing training courses.

ALS - International standard IATA training

ALS training programs are designed and standardized by IATA requirement to help learners acknowledge Dangerous Goods and notice the importance of dangerous goods delivery by air.

ALS - The leader of the IATA training center in Vietnam

Training center in Vietnam

At ALS, we will advise customers on training programs suitable for duties and ensure the authorities' requirements.
Experience the training service that ALS provides for more than 120 leading enterprises in Vietnam
The team of consultants and customer care always gives maximum support.
On-job training Dangerous goods handling at ALS cargo terminal
Students learn from experts with 10 - 20 years of experiment
The registration process is quick and flexible.
IATA issues the certificates

The registration process of IATA training courses


ALS has a unique training program where learners can practically declare and accept dangerous goods at the ALS cargo terminal. This would help learners to systematize knowledge and visualize the work in dangerous goods handling processes.
  • International certificates issued by IATA
  • IATA training course recognition.

ALS training center

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