Road transportation

ALS is capable of providing 24/7 road transportation services with 300 vehicles from 500kg weight to 40 tons weight. ALS is always ready for your business.

* Optimizing cost and cargo journeys

As an experienced enterprise in logistics and supply chain services, especially in aviation logistics, we understand what ALS needs to do to ensure the most effective goods flow.

Every cargo journey was planned, back-up planned, and roads optimized to ensure time targets with reasonable costs.


ALS Road transportation

Reasonable price with a detailed report
Vehicles are regularly upgraded and maintained
The journey tracking system in real-time
100% successful delivery commitment
The most suitable trucking solution for your company
Delivery cargo to nationwide 63 provinces and cities
Optimizing journeys according to destinations
Numerous vehicles with diverse types of weights, sizes, and demands



ALS proudly become the leader in providing trucking solutions for enterprises. We are here to help you optimize delivery costs and ensure the circulation of goods quickly and accurately.
  • Trucking business permission certificate
  • Quality trucking service certificate
  • ISO 9001:2015


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