Logistics infrastructure services

Getting qualified logistics infrastructure (offices, warehouses, billboards, license) is always a problem for businesses and organizations, especially international enterprises who newly joined in Vietnamese market. Enterprises would have to spend many costs and time searching (even up to several years) to get the most suitable choices.

As a pioneer enterprise in aviation logistics services and infrastructure investment service, ALS always brings appropriate facilities choices for customers running business in Vietnam.


Logistics infrastructure services

Available locations are in many industrial zones, intersections, important cities with easy traffic flows.
Ensure legal standards of the infrastructures: office, warehouse, handling center, etc
Provide immediately necessary logistics infrastructure to meet business’s requirements.
Local legal support to ensure stable continuity. To meet specific requirements of every business and organization.



As an experienced enterprise in aviation logistics, ALS helps customers choose suitable facilities for business activities in Vietnam.
  • IATA Ground Handling Partnership member
  • TAPA Asia Pacific member
  • ISO 9001 : 2015


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