Hai Phong to become standard model in Vietnam’s logistics development project


Hai Phong is the only locality in the Northern region that fully converges 5 modes of transport, including: road, railway, air, sea and inland waterways with natural geographical conditions and a convenient seaport system for the development of the logistics service industry...

Natural geography and seaport system of Hai Phong are favorable for the development of the logistics service industry. Besides, this locality has a long tradition and experience in operating seaports and post-port logistics systems.

Mr. Bui Quang Hai, Director of Hai Phong Department of Industry and Trade, said that the operation of logistics services in Hai Phong city plays an important role in the northern key economic region as well as the Red River Delta. In the period 2011 - 2020, the growth rate of the logistics service sector of the city always reaches a growth rate of 18% - 23%/year.

In 2022, over 160 million tons of goods passed through Hai Phong seaports. It is expected that in 2023, the throughput of goods is estimated at over 180 million tons. Currently, the contribution to GDP of the city in this field is estimated at 10% - 15%.

In recent years, logistics service activities of Hai Phong city have made strong developments in both quantity and quality. The city has spent most of its resources on infrastructure investment and development, among them, connective transport infrastructure held large proportion of the city’s investment. A series of large domestic and foreign brands have joined and invested in this market. The whole city of Hai Phong currently has about 250 businesses operating in the field of logistics services, including about 30 multinational logistics companies and groups such as DHL, UPS, FedEX...

In order to improve the practicality of the project “Strategic Project for the development of logistics services in Vietnam to 2035, with a vision to 2045", Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Nguyen Sinh Nhat Tan said that the delegation will consider choosing Hai Phong as a standard model in the project.

Source: https://vneconomy.vn/hai-phong-se-tro-thanh-mo-hinh-diem-trong-de-an-chien-luoc-phat-trien-logistics-viet-nam.htm

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