News #56 - Emirates SkyCargo unveils game-changing logistics solutions for pharma industry


The pharmaceutical supply chain has faced significant disruptions, compounded by the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. Transporting vital pharmaceutical products, especially from India to Europe, has encountered hurdles, resulting in prolonged transit times and logistical complexities. In response to these challenges, air cargo has emerged as a critical solution, with Emirates SkyCargo pioneering transformative measures tailored specifically for the pharmaceutical industry.

Julian Sutch, global head of pharma sales for Emirates SkyCargo, unveiled a series of innovative solutions aimed at revolutionizing pharma logistics. These initiatives are designed to ensure the integrity and timely delivery of pharmaceutical products, even in the face of unprecedented challenges.

To safeguard the quality of pharmaceutical products during transportation, Emirates SkyCargo has deployed cutting-edge technologies. Thermal covers have been introduced to minimize risks in temperature-controlled environments, while investments in cool trucks, cool dollies, and hybrid containers equipped with dry ice, phase change, and nitrogen technology ensure the safe transport of deep-frozen products.

Adherence to International Air Transport Association (IATA) Temperature Control Regulations (TCR) regulations, aligned with Indian conditions, and the implementation of Good Distribution Practices are crucial components of Emirates strategy. Sutch emphasized the importance of maintaining the highest standards to preserve the quality and efficacy of pharmaceutical products during transit. Highlighting the need for infrastructure development, Sutch pointed to Hyderabad's investment in cool dollies as a model for similar initiatives across India.

Recognizing the diverse variables inherent in pharmaceutical transportation, including temperature sensitivity and shelf life considerations, Sutch underscored the growing demand for efficient and reliable air cargo solutions. Countries such as Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Italy have made significant investments in infrastructure to meet these evolving demands.

Collaboration lies at the heart of overcoming supply chain disruptions, Sutch emphasized. Partnership agreements, such as those offered by Emirates SkyCargo for sea-air cargo solutions, play a pivotal role in optimizing logistics and ensuring timely delivery. Despite the challenges, Indian pharmaceutical companies have demonstrated resilience, with strong synergies with local partners contributing significantly to global business volume.

As India continues to assert its position as a powerhouse of medicinal products, representing 30% of global business volume and 50% from Europe, continued investment in infrastructure and the adoption of innovative technologies are essential. Sutch affirmed that collaboration across stakeholders will be instrumental in enhancing the resilience and efficiency of the pharmaceutical supply chain, ultimately ensuring the timely delivery of life-saving medications to those in need.

“In a rapidly evolving landscape, Emirates SkyCargo remains at the forefront of innovation, spearheading a paradigm shift in pharma logistics to meet the pressing needs of the global healthcare industry,” Sutch concluded.


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