News #57 - Apple to expand further investment in its Vietnam supply chain


On April 15th, US tech giant Apple announced that it would increase spending for its supply chain’s partners in Vietnam, which is considered a key manufacturing center.

This announcement came as CEO Tim Cook embarked on a two-day visit to Vietnam starting on April 15th.

Apple made the announcement on its website, but did not specify the amount of investment or the identities of the suppliers in Vietnam receiving this investment.

Accompanying CEO Tim Cook on this trip to Vietnam are some leaders from Apple's executive board. As part of the visit, Cook is scheduled to have discussions with computer programmers, students, and innovators in Vietnam.

According to Apple's announcement, since 2019, the corporation has spent nearly $16 billion on local suppliers and has doubled its annual spending for Vietnam in the same period.

Since starting operations in Vietnam over a decade ago, Apple has directly and indirectly supported over 200,000 jobs. Vietnam is currently one of the top five countries in the world for mobile game production, and Apple's app economy here has seen job growth nearly triple since 2017.

In his statement, Cook added that in addition to collaborating with local suppliers and supporting clean water projects and educational opportunities, Apple is committed to further enhancing its presence in Vietnam.


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