Welcom ALS traditional day on October 1st, 2021


ALS was established on 1st October 2007 in the precursor: Aviation warehousing forwarding JSC. Upon many difficulties and challenges, ALS has become the leading aviation logistics corporations in Vietnam.

The journey of 14 years of ALS’s contributed with efforts, youthfulness, creative, unanimous of all staffs and aimed for core values: Efficient – Commitment - Innovation.

In the upcoming phase, ALS focus on new projects and prepare for firm development in the 2 main missions:

  • Digital transformation, applying technology for development leverage
  • Infrastructure investment, enhancing high quality logistics services for partners

ALS always aim to consistent development to remain as the pioneer in providing Aviation Logistics solutions for Airlines, Logistics/Forwarders, Import-Export enterprises,… which are currently represent in Vietnam.

We want to be “the bridge” for Enterprise’s supply chains, boosting up the circulation of cargoes in both domestic and international.



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