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With the strong cultural, economic, and friendly ties, coupled with policies promoting trade and commerce among the three countries, the import and export activities between businesses and traders in Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand are thriving. To meet the existing demands of businesses, cross-border transportation services between Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand have been introduced to provide excellent customer experiences. Detailed information about this transport service will be presented by ALS below.

I. Cross-Border transportation Modes between Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand

Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand are three neighboring countries located on the Indochina Peninsula, not only close in proximity but also sharing strong friendly and cooperative relations. Currently, with efforts from the governments of the three countries, the road infrastructure of Laos, Vietnam, and Thailand has significantly improved and enjoys trade and tariff incentives.

Therefore, customers can transport goods across borders between Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand quickly and easily via road transport in just about 2-3 days (Vietnam - Laos) and 2-4 days (Vietnam - Thailand).

II. Cross-Border transportation Services between Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand at ALS

ALS and ETruck have strategically partnered to develop cross-border road freight services between Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand. This partnership allows ALS to access ETruck's extensive trucking network in Vietnam, thereby expanding cross-border freight capabilities from Vietnam to Laos, Thailand, and many other Southeast Asian countries.

Key advantages of road transport:

  • High flexibility: Cross-border road transport services can quickly and effectively meet all freight transport needs to various locations between countries.
  • Reasonable freight rates: Cross-border road transport rates are considered reasonable, helping businesses minimize warehousing and goods preservation costs due to shorter transport times.
  • Shorter transport time: Cross-border transport shortens the time for goods delivery, thus helping businesses accelerate goods turnover and quickly meet customer demands.
  • Simplified customs procedures: Cross-border transport simplifies customs and other related procedures, saving businesses time and costs.
  • Effective regional connectivity: Cross-border transport connects suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors across Southeast Asia more effectively.
  • Ability to transport diverse cargo volumes: Cross-border transport can handle various volumes of cargo, including large items like machinery and equipment for production and business activities.
  • Stable and fast transport solution: Cross-border road transport provides a stable transport solution with faster transit times (much faster than sea transport) and reasonable costs (much cheaper than air transport).
  • Capability to transport large quantities: Due to developed infrastructure and a large, diverse fleet of trucks, cross-border transport can handle large quantities of goods.
  • High mobility: Road transport allows for delivery and receipt of goods at any location as requested by customers without the need for transshipment as with air, sea, or rail transport.

III. Common Goods Transported Across Borders between Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand

Currently, transporting goods between Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand is very easy, saving time and costs for businesses. Although transport is relatively simple, to ensure quick circulation of goods, you need to ensure that the goods you send comply with the regulations. Below are the types of goods ALS accepts for cross-border transport between Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand:

  • Agricultural products: Fresh vegetables and fruits, rice, coffee, fruits (such as mangoes, dragon fruit, rambutan), etc.
  • Consumer goods: Clothing, footwear, electronics and home appliances, cosmetics, and beauty products
  • Raw materials: Textile materials (fabric, yarn), construction materials (cement, steel), industrial chemicals
  • Industrial goods and machinery: Industrial machinery, electronic devices and components, vehicles, and auto parts
  • Processed foods: Canned goods, dry foods, frozen products, etc.
  • Energy: Petroleum and petroleum products, gas, etc.
  • And many other items

Besides the items allowed for transport, ETruck will refuse to transport prohibited or dangerous goods.

IV. Reliable Cross-Border Transport Services between Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand

Choosing a reliable transport provider ensures the safety and quality of your goods throughout the transport process. Currently, ALS is a leading provider of reliable cross-border transport services between Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand, and a trusted partner to hundreds of businesses, both large and small, domestic and international.

With a strong fleet of trucks ranging from 1.5 tons to 15 tons, including various types of trailers such as flatbeds, sideboards, and containers from 20’, 40’, 45’, 50’, ALS can quickly meet all freight transport needs of customers. Additionally, ALS has built a comprehensive transport ecosystem with many useful accompanying services such as cargo insurance, liability insurance, customs clearance services, packaging and delivery services, etc.

Competitive transport costs in the market come with attractive promotions for regular and large-volume freight customers. With a highly specialized staff, ALS ensures the cross-border transport process between Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand is quick, safe, and secure.

V. Additional Information on Cross-Border Transport Routes

Số TTTên cửa khẩu phía Việt NamTên cửa khẩu phía nước ngoàiTỉnhTới quốc gia
1Tây TrangSop Hun (Sop Hao)Điện BiênLào
2Chiềng BôngNabeSơn LaLào
3Na MèoNamsoiThanh HóaLào
4Mường Chanh Ban Top Xay BuaThanh HóaLào
5Nậm CắnNamkanNghệ AnLào
6Cầu TreoNamphaoHà TĩnhLào
7Cha LoNaphaoQuảng BìnhLào
8Lao BảoDen SavanhQuảng TrịLào
9La LayLalayQuảng TrịLào
15Bờ YPhou KeuaKon TumLào
Số TTTên cửa khẩu phía LàoTên cửa khẩu phía Thái LanTới quốc gia
1Thakhek KhammouaneNakhon PhanomThái Lan
2SavannakhetMoukdahanThái Lan

We hope the information about cross-border road transport services provided above will help customers make the most suitable choices. Contact ALS's Hotline immediately for further consultation and support on the service if needed.

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