What is cool storage? Why is cool storage is necessary?


Cool storage is a warehouse where perishable goods are stored and refrigerated. The warehouse is designed in an environment below the outdoor temperature. Products needing refrigeration include agricultural products such as fruit, seeds, vegetables, pharmaceutical drugs, seafood, and meat, etc. Not only temperature but humidity also has been controlled in a cools storage. Depending on the kinds of goods, the monitor system will be adjusted appropriately. Cool storage is often located near border gates to make it convenient for import/export procedures.

1. Why is cool storage is necessary?

Some specific products require strictly storing conditions. One of the reasons to use cool storage is that the low temperature helps lower the rate of chemical changes and growth of microorganism enzymes in foods. The preservation of goods at a cool temperature reduces the deterioration of goods, preserves them longer, retains the same taste and smell of foods, and is eligible for export/ import in a long time and distance, …

In addition, when the situation of the Covid-19 epidemic is complicated, it is essential to provide Coronavirus vaccines to every corner of the world. Most vaccines require to be stored at low temperatures to ensure effective prevention of virus attacks. These pharmaceutical products are susceptible and require strict storage conditions. Incorrect storage can cause the vaccine to be inactivated and invalidate. When it happens, these products will no longer help people prevent disease.

2. Categories to define kinds of cool storage

2.1. By location

There are several professional cool storage companies in Vietnam that provide or running a system of cool warehouses. Their cool warehouses are located in many convenient areas for distribution/ export/ import…depends on your business purposes.

Particularly, there is some cool storage in hà nội, such as ALS warehouse systems. ALS owns a system of warehouses diversified in many locations in Hanoi, specifically, the cool storage in My Dinh with a capacity of 1000 - 2000m3 of cargo. Value-added services are ready to support, modern temperature and humidity control system is equipped, 24/24 reporting and monitoring ensure that goods are correctly stored.

2.2. By range of temperature

From -2 degrees to 5 degrees: This range of temperatures is suitable for some tropical fruits and vegetables. In general, the main products are vegetables and agricultural products.

Under -18 degree: to store frozen goods

Under -12 degree: all-purpose warehouse to store various goods

Others cool storage with on-demand temperature setting up.

2.3. By management methods

·       In-house cool storage: companies can operate their own cool storage by investing in warehouses, cooling systems, operating costs, … to manage their own warehouse to store specific goods.

·       Outsourcing cool storage services: instead of spending money to build and run a warehouse, companies can choose to use cool storage from a professional cool storage service provider to reduce cost with high efficiency.

3. Why should companies use outsource cool storage?

·       Instead of spending your budget on building, operating, and managing cold storage, by outsourcing cool storage services, your company can spend more money on profitable investment business and much more efficient, of course.

·       Goods are stored at proper temperature monitored 24/7, with well-controlled humidity.

·       Goods are fully insured.

·       Flexible temperature ranges help store many items simultaneously in different cool warehouses with one warehouse network, thereby meeting many needs.

·       Diversified value-added services are always ready to support

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