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1. ALS warehouse for lease in My Dinh network

ALS provides standardized warehouse and yard at ICD My Dinh, Ha Noi, which specialized for large-scale storing, convenient facilities and modern technology in managing warehouse operations. All of those elements combined to ensure best storage quality, safeness of goods, fast and effortless extracting process.

Currently, ALS provides 5 types of warehouse, including: 

Standard warehouse: suitable for storing foods, drinks, beverage and commodities that do not require specialized storing techniques: 

  • Centralized public warehouse: All goods are managed by ALS
  • Private warehouse: All goods are managed by customers

Weather-control warehouse: suitable for food, milk, drinks, sweets, healthcare and medicinal products and vaccine that require to storage in low temperature. Currently ALS provides weather-control warehouse in 2 specific temperature ranges: 

  • Cool warehouse: from 15 – 25 celsius degree
  • Cold warehouse: 2 – 8 celsius degree

Document warehouse: for storing and securing document, records and other important papers, this type of warehouse also support extraction in shortest time. 

Bonded warehouse: for storing goods that completed customs declaration procedures and awaits to import/export in/out of Vietnam.

Off-airport cargo terminal: A separated warehouse from airport with major elements of an cargo terminal: security screening, weighting, customs procedures and loading ULD. 

With this kind of model, goods from importing flow are able to be accepted, screening, weighting, completing customs procedures and loading to ULD. Afterwards, the goods will be transported in specialized trucks with customs seal and then fulfilling some of accepting cargo process at the airport. From now on, the goods are transfer for cargo terminal units to load to airplanes.

The same goes on with goods from exporting flow but it has some differences in the unloading process when customs must take on inspection, cargo terminal unit to unload goods from ULD, fulfilling customs procedures and hand over to customer.

Combing all import/exporting flows, Off-airport cargo terminal reduces significant amount of time in completing flight processes at the airport whereby speeding up the goods circulation in international trades, also, this model can reduce congestions at the airports. 

Asides from common warehousing services, ALS supports additional services such as: 

  • Lifting, handling cargo
  • Detailed goods management
  • Labeling
  • Other services: reinforce packages, selling pallet, on-demand service as follows by customer’s requirements

2. Warehouse listing price in My Dinh, Hanoi

The following list price for warehouse service in My Dinh is only for advisory and hasn’t applied with discount, other related fees. The latest update is in 2022.

For standard, cool and cold warehouse

Types of warehouse

Measurement units

Price (USD/month)


Standard warehouse

M3 (Cubic meter)


- Measurement formula: Length x Width x Height = Area x Height

- Goods will be sorted into racks/pallet with standard cell size

Cool warehouse

M3 (Cubic meter)


- Measurement formula: Length x Width x Height = Area x Height

- Cool warehouse temperature range: 12 – 22 Cesius degree

- Average humidity: +/-50%

Cold warehouse

M3(Cubic meter)/ton

0,74- 0,82 dollar/day/m3/ton

- Measurement formula: Length x Width x Height = Area x Heigh

- Minimum storage duration: from 15 days and longer

For document warehouse

Service lists

Measurement unit

Price (US dollar)


Document storage fee



- The price applies for standard size document box: 42 x 32 x 27 centimeters

- Other box sizes will be converted into ALS box for calculation

Document box


(Contact us for more details)

- The price applies for standard size document box: 42 x 32 x 27 centimeters

- Other box sizes will be converted into ALS box for calculation

Extracting document




Digital report monthly




*Note: All of the price list above only applied for published article. However, the price may varies in accordance to market. Feel free to contact ALS’s exports to update the most recent price for leasing warehouse in My Dinh

**Note: All of measurement units are in Metric system

3. Contact with us for professional warehouse service in My Dinh, Hanoi

If you’re interested in ALS warehouse services, please you can choose to visit directly at No.17 Pham Hung road, Hanoi to get better look at our warehouse and be advised with our export about operation processes

Besides, you can send your request about your expected warehousing services for us so we can discuss further about your specific requirements at:

  • Website: https://als.com.vn
  • Call center: (+84) 1900 3133, press number 2 for meeting with English representatives
  • Social media: Aviation Logistics Corporation

We will response as soon as we receive your contact

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