News# 53 - Vietnam warehouse and logistics sectors grow fast with ecommerce


Zebra Technologies predicts that the warehouse and logistics sector in Vietnam will undergo rapid digital transformation amidst the booming development of e-commerce in the country.

With the burgeoning growth of e-commerce, the logistics and warehouse sectors are witnessing significant changes. According to Zebra Technologies' Global Warehouse Vision Study 2023, 58% of managers in this field plan to implement Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology.

Over the next 5 years, the majority of warehouse managers plan to deploy various types of RFID readers, both fixed, passive, or handheld, along with data scanning solutions. The purpose of applying technology in the warehouse sector is to enhance monitoring capabilities, coordinate goods, and labor.

Figures also indicate that about 75% of warehouse workers are under pressure to improve work efficiency to meet the increasing demands in the era of e-commerce boom. Inaccurate information about stored goods and inability to control the status of goods are considered the main factors affecting warehouse productivity.

This leads to the fact that warehouse operators worldwide are increasingly inclined to apply more technology for digital transformation. According to a recent study by Interact Analysis, warehouse automation projects will grow in 2024.

In Vietnam, during the period 2024-2032, the warehouse sector is forecasted to have an annual compound growth rate of about 11%. According to Mr. Christanto Suryadarma, Vice President of Zebra Technologies, the warehouse sector in Vietnam is experiencing strong growth due to the impact of the e-commerce boom.

"The e-commerce market in Vietnam has a scale of 14 billion USD and is expected to reach about 32 billion USD by 2025. Vietnam has a young population, they have a habit of using mobile phones for shopping. Therefore, e-commerce will continue to boom, leading to growth in both the warehouse and logistics sectors," Mr. Christanto Suryadarma said.

In the trend of digital transformation, the warehouse sector is gradually shifting from relying on paperwork to using machinery and data to make decisions. These changes are believed to not only affect the warehouse sector but also spread to the management of the entire supply chain.


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