Vietnam is in the top 5 countries achieving an impressive trade connectivity index


Vietnam achieved impressive results of international trade connectivity and improvement over the past 20 years, according to the Global Connectivity Index 2021 report.

According to the Global Connectedness Index (GCI) report 2021 of Deutsche Post DHL Group (Germany) and NYU Stern School of Business (USA), Vietnam is on top 5 countries with impressive results of improved international trade connectivity and capabilities over the past 20 years, along with Mexico, the Netherlands, the Sierra Republic, and the UAE.

This index is measured based on globalization through international trade flows, capital, information, and people. Accordingly, the GCI statistical study team calculated based on more than 3.5 million data points on flows between countries for 2001-2020.

The report also presented the results are recognized by different methods to increase the connectivity level, with the most suitable international context of each country.

Country case studies highlight the power of five policy areas to boost connectedness across a wide variety of national contexts. In the 2020 GCI, the Netherlands ranked as the world's most connected country. The United Arab Emirates was fourth. Sierra Leone posted the largest connectedness increase since 2001. Viet Nam, the United Arab Emirates, and Mexico are also countries that increased their connectedness the most. Finally, Viet Nam and the Netherlands are among those that have consistently beaten expectations by the widest margin.

Source: DHL

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