Vietnam import/export overturns the challenges


Import and export are the main spotlights of 2021, surpassing challenges in the final months of 2021, Vietnam has gain trade surplus in 6 years consecutively.

Vietnam reached 668,5 billion dollar

According to statistic of Ministry of Agriculture and rural development (MARD), upon the end of 2021, fisheries export has reached 8,9 billion USD, increased 5,7% compared to the same period of 2020, completed 104,6% of the plan. In addition, fisheries meal sector exported total value of 685,2 millions USD, contributed to 9,57 billion USD of fisheries industry in 2021.

Moreover, other industries also makes remarkably overturns amid the Covid-19 situations, social distancing and supply chain disruptions. In the third quarter of 2021 recorded quite import/export operations, causing trade deficit situation.

However, from September, the period with many celebrations and holidays which boisterous trading activities that marked new milestones for Vietnam’s economic.

Besides, the total turnover of agriculture, forestry and fisheries in 2021 made staggering increment to 48,6 billion USD, 14,9% higher than the same period last year, exceeded designed goal.

In total, Vietnam has 35 merchandises reached export turnover to 1 billion USD, contributed to 93,8% of total turnover of the country. Among them, there’re 8 merchandises passed 10 billion USD threshold, which holds 69,7% of total composition.

Export sector increased to 336,25 billion USD, 19% higher than the last year, elements contributed to the positive landscape are: domestic economic reached 88,71 billion USD, holding 26,4% of the sector, FDI (Including crude oil) reached 247,54 billion USD with 73,6%.

On the other side, import sector reached 332,25 billion USD, increased to 26,5% to the last year, including: domestic economic contributed to 114,07 billion USD (21,8% increment), FDI with 218,18 billion USD (29,1%). In 2021, 47 merchandises passed over 1 billion USD, holding 94,1% of total turnover.

Mr.Nguyen Hong Dien – Minister of Ministry of Industry and Trade said that the total turnover exceeded 668 billion USD that brought Vietnam into top 20 economy in international trade

Mr.Dien states that: This is great achievement of Vietnam’s enterprises since the impacts of Covid-19, especially, the fourth wave has affected on major manufacturing regions of both North and South Vietnam.

Although Vietnam recorded fast restoration of exporting merchandises in the year-end months, but import turnover also increased higher than the same period last year.

The positive side of import sector is raw material held the major part, which indicated the restoration of manufacturing industry due to enterprises boost import raw material to meet the demands of the year-end holidays of 2021 and new coming events in 2022.

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