US – Vietnam to boost cooperation in supply chain, semiconductors


On the afternoon of July 20th, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh welcomed US Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen who is on a working visit to Vietnam, emphasizing on supply chain cooperation and semiconductor chip production.

Ảnh VTV: VGP/Nhật Bắc

Promoting cooperation for green growth and innovation

Mr.Chinh suggested that the State Bank of Vietnam and the US Department of the Treasury (USDT) continue to maintain a mechanism to resolve related issues through close dialogue and exchange between the two agencies in the coming time.

Promoting cooperation in responding to climate change, implement the Declaration of Partnership for Equitable Energy Transition, supporting Vietnam to develop a renewable energy industry, and establish a carbon market.

USDT secretary affirmed that Vietnam is an increasingly important partner with the US and plays a key role in its Indo-Pacific strategy.

The US wishes to promote economic and trade cooperation with Vietnam; plans to strengthen cooperation with Vietnam in the supply chain, which on the basis of a comprehensive and reliable partnership; supporting Vietnam to improve its semiconductor chip production capacity and renewable energy.

USDT will strengthen cooperation with Vietnam’s State Bank of Vietnam and the Ministry of Finance in modernizing monetary policy, exchange rate mechanism, assisting Vietnam in accessing international financial resources and other macro events.

Promote cooperation to expand the supply chain

The Prime Minister agreed with the proposal of the US and said that expanding the supply chain, chip and semiconductor production is also a priority in Vietnam's development strategy; Vietnam is promoting institutional building, preferential policies, technical infrastructure, modern governance and human resource training in these areas.

Minister Janet Yellen emphasized the prospect of cooperation between the two countries in the field of equitable energy transition. The US and partners are ready to support capital, technology and technology to help Vietnam accelerate this process, helping Vietnam become an important link in the process of building a diversified and sustainable supply chain, including semiconductors...


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