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Air waybill (AWB) is a unified document in the air cargo industry’s standard, including logistics units, forwarders that have the function of handling goods through this mode of transport from international airlines to or from Vietnam, ALS would like to introduce the most popular tracking air cargo methods in Vietnam market in this article

The type of air waybill code issued by the shipper as an official confirmation document of the goods from a customer or a third party, the shipper will issue many original copies of AWB for parties from: the carrier, the consignor, the consignee, etc. This is also the basis for the customer to handle the later import/export procedures.

Distinguish contents in AWB for accurate lookup

AWB is a standardized form by IATA for the whole air cargo industry, specifically the content from the heading bellows:

In order of numbering, the headings on the front page of AWB will have specific content:

1, AWB number: Bill of lading code, can be used to look up on air cargo tracking systems in Vietnam

2, Consignee's name and address: Full name and address of the consignee, customer should carefully check the precision of this information exact to the postal code.

3, Airport of departure: Code name of departure airport

4, Airport of destination: Code name of destination airport

5, Declare value of carriage: Declared value when transporting

6, Declare value of customs: Value declared to customs

7, Handling information: Goods handling information

8, Number of pieces: Number of packages sent

9, Gross weight: Total weight

10, Kg/lb: Unit of measurement

11, Chargeable weight: The amount of weight to be charged

12, Rate/charge: The amount of rate/charge for the each unit of weight

13, Total: Total freight

14, Nature and quantity of goods: Type of goods and quantity

15, The shipper's confirmation of the goods information

16, 17, 18, 19: Date, time and location

20, 21, 22: Pick up location, date and time

23, Consignee's confirmation

24, Information about the name and address of the consignee

Back side of AWB:

The back side of AWB explains more clearly about the conditions, regulations and responsibilities of the parties when performing freight, including:

- Liability of related parties (basis, limitation of liability)

- Contract conditions

- Definitions, applicable laws

- Time limit for complaints and settlement of cases

In addition, information about prepaid valuation charge, tax, pickup charge, delivery charge, other charge will be filled out when information is available from the parties.

Guide to how to track air cargo in Vietnam

There are 2 ways to track air cargo in Vietnam:

- Directly: Customers will go to the offices or operation centers of the shipper companies to check and process information with representatives. The bill of lading code will be recorded when receiving the shipping request from the customer

- Online: As a more popular and convenient reaching method, customers only need to create orders to send through the website of foreign shipping units and then get this code to look up the goods handling companies in Vietnam.

In order to create more convenient approach for customers, ALS will guide you to look up air cargo information in Vietnam on online.

Step 1: Confirm the information available on the AWB and get the code in the form: XXX – XXXX XXXX, as shown in the provided image, the bill of lading code is located in 3 corners of the AWB including: Top left corner, Top right corner and bottom right corner.

Step 2: After getting the air waybill code, you can look it up directly on ALS's website, currently ALS supports 3 types of lookups:

- Track and trace air cargo in Vietnam:

- Track and trace flights to/from Vietnam:

- Track and trace invoices originating from ALS:

Step 3: Customer enters the AWB code in the search box "Tracking number" section, then select Option as "Import" for goods imported into Vietnam and "Export" for goods exported from Vietnam. Next, click on the “Tracking” button to conduct the search

Step 4: Then the system will display the search results including:

- General Information: AWB number, HAWB or MAWB depending on the type of AWB ordered by the customer, number of packages (Pieces), Original location (Airport code), Destination (Airport code), Weight, Type of goods (LCL or FCL), Note (Remark)

- Flight information: Information about the flight with number of flights, flight code, date and time, number of packages in the flight, weight and note (Remark)

- Status: Status of the parcel in transit, received or other notifications, place of receipt (Station warehouse), Date and time, number of packages received (Pieces), weight, other notes (Remarks)

Hopefully the above article of ALS provides you with the necessary information about how to track air cargo in Vietnam, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact ALS experts immediately to detailed support at:

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