Top Warehouse rental services in Vietnam


ALS standard warehouse system distributes in various locations of Northern Vietnam, which has total area of 60 000 sqm with modern equipment and professional personnel, our warehouses are ready to bring you the best warehouse services in Vietnam. 

In order to help our customers have more information in choosing suitable ALS’s warehouse types for your best interest, we bring the detailed price list for each warehouse types in the post below.

1. Why to choose public warehouse?

What is the benefits of choosing public warehouse instead of private warehouse services? In term of price and operation efficiency, public warehouse is the more preferable choice for most companies since you can gain the advantage of standardize warehouse services, suitable storage conditions, total security and safety measures in 24/7 that included with insurances.

Moreover, public warehouse can reduce cost more than investing and establishing private warehouse, customers can change the used area in the warehouse at ease since the public warehouse are more flexible in providing services.

2. Top Warehouse rental services in Vietnam

Depending on your demands to storage specific kinds of goods, ALS provided various solutions for each of your requirements; currently we have the following types of warehouse:

Standard warehouse: 

Suitable for common goods without special conditions, ALS standard warehouse is setup with modern equipment and infrastructure and distributed in various locations of northern Vietnam, which are conveniently for you to setup your suitable business location in Vietnam. 

Additionally, ALS standard warehouse covers 100% of goods with insurance, international standard facilities and equipment.

Cool and Cold warehouse 

Suitable for a range of particular goods which requires temperature control conditions. The total size of our cool and cold warehouse are 1000 and 5000 sqm respectively, which invested with the most advanced infrastructure for temperature-controlled warehouse in Vietnam, the temperature varies from -20 to 20 celsius degree and humidity of +/-50%. 

The most suitable goods are: packaged foods, raw meats, grains, seeds, vegetables, cosmetic, medical products, vaccines and many more as your demand.

Bonded warehouse 

Suitable for import/export goods. ALS bonded warehouse situated in convenient location that connects all major industrial hubs of northern Vietnam, the total size covered 15 000 sqm with advanced and international-certified facilities, bidirectional security measurements, automated management software.

Document warehouse

Suitable for archiving document, records, papers, profile of businesses in protected environment with temperature control system (20 celsius degree and 50% humidity), air flow system, 24/7 security and surveillance, fireproof outer layers, connective locations to Hanoi’s urban areas in 30 – 40 minutes and other responsive services.

3. ALS warehouse price list in Vietnam

Customers can view the advised price list of warehouse from ALS to find out more about the composition and calculation of the warehouse services cost for businesses:

Are you looking for a price list for warehouse rental

Types of warehouse



($ per month)


Standard warehouse

m3 (Cubic meters)


- Applied calculation formula: Length x Width x Height

- Goods are placed in pallets or racks in each standard cell

Cool warehouse

m3 (Cubic meters)


- Applied calculation formula: Length x Width x Height

- Average temperature in ALS cool warehouse: from 12 – 20 celsius degree

- Average humidity: +/- 50%

Cold warehouse

m3 (Cubic meters)/tons

0,75 – 0,84/day/m3/ton

- Applied calculation formula: Length x Width x Height

- Minimum storage days: from 15 days

Bonded warehouse

Contact us for more details

Document, records storage cost



- The listed price is applied for standard document box with the size of: 42 x 32 x 27 cm

- Other types of box are converted into ALS box to calculate the price

Document box


(Contact us for more details)

- Standard size: 42 x  32 x 27 cm

- Other types of box are converted into ALS box to calculate the price

Excerpting documents

Per times



Digital report monthly




*Note: All of the measurement units in the above table are Metric system.

**Price list are only applied in the published articles. Also, the actual price may varies that depends on the adjustment of the market. For more details about our warehouse service, please contact our expert for the up-to-date price.

We hope that with this article you can hold a gasp of public warehouse price in Vietnam, the content in this article may be not up-to-date with the market progress. In order to get the most recent price list about public warehouse in Vietnam, please feel free to contact our experts for advisory, optimized warehouse solution for your business. 

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