The technology applications and the innovation award in the aviation logistics industry


Logistics activities have been strongly impacted in the past two years when the demand for transportation has increased, but many barriers have limited transportation capacity. In aviation logistics, technology application trends are recognized through reports such as the IATA Future Freight Facility White Paper or the Air Freight Innovation Award named some specific trends and solutions as follows:

1. Digital transformation

Digital transformation is a changing process of restructuring technology and people, thereby creating new opportunities and value for businesses. The digital transformation is based on database and process digitization. Meanwhile, cloud computing base, big data, IoT, and AI are being applied to build a digitized data-sharing platform, etc., to optimize efficiency. 

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- In Germany, businesses have completed setting up a digitization platform. Seven carriers, including Etihad Cargo, Nippon Cargo, El Al Cargo, Finnair Cargo, Lufthansa Cargo, AirBridge Cargo, and CargoLogicAir, allow airlines and carriers firms to select actively, book on aircraft, proceed to practical experience, and optimize aviation logistics solutions.

The air cargo management system Hermes has developed the 5th version in the UK. This version is based on cloud technology, allowing to improve the service management process, perform revenue accounting, process automate, avoid human-being service errors, and support to handle unexpected situations. 

2. Automation in operation and management

Using robots in logistics activities is also a prominent trend in the past few years. Such as:

- In aviation security screening at airports, large-capacity scanners are put into operation, which allows scanning the whole shipment, and at the same time, connects the security control screen system and cargo information system. This sync process allows inspecting thoroughly automatically without human intervention. Operational efficiency is greatly enhanced, and human operational risks are also reduced.

- Robots are used to handle dangerous goods, fragile goods, oversized goods or handling trouble dangerous goods, etc. In addition, the idea of ​​using autonomous vehicles in the airport, unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) in warehouse management, automatic robots in the warehouse, etc., are also being deployed in some airports. 

- Automated technology is also used in the goods classification system that integrates with the racking system in the airport warehouse, which allows sorting goods and managing shipment location.

With automation applications, logistics companies are increasingly optimizing their operations, meeting the high accuracy requirements, shortening time.

3. Applying smart technology, using solar energy in building a green logistics system

One of the innovation awards in aviation logistics is smart ULDs. Goods transported by air are often high-value goods, sensitive to transport conditions such as temperature and humidity. The smart ULD is enhanced by adding a sensor connected to the management system to the original ULD. Hence, the device allows to record information about the shipment's status. Since goods are loaded into ULDs, transported to the airport, delivered by land or air, stocked in the warehouse, or on the aircraft ramp, they will constantly be updated. Smart ULD allows not only to check the shipment location but also to indicate the condition of the goods, thereby helping users to fix problems that arise. 

Smart ULD is considered a breakthrough innovation in aviation logistics, as the demand for transportation of sensitive goods such as vaccines, fresh products, flowers, etc., is increasing. However, besides, smart ULD requires additional costs. So, using solar panels attached to the ULD could partly fix the cons. This solution will use solar energy during ULD activity monitoring. This is also considered an environmentally friendly application, aiming to build a green logistics chain. 

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