Noi Bai airport transportation service


As a pioneering enterprise in the field of Air Cargo Logistics in Vietnam, ALS has many years of experience in providing, serving, and transporting goods for import-export businesses at Noi Bai and neighboring areas.

We are a leading provider of transportation services to Noi Bai Airport for cargo consolidation businesses through an Off-airport cargo terminal network from various localities (in the Northern region) to Airport Cargo Terminals.

Learn more about ALS's Noi Bai Airport cargo transportation service through the detailed article below.

1. What is ALS's Noi Bai Airport cargo transportation service?

Unlike other enterprises, ALS maximizes customer benefits by using each service in ALS's ecosystem. 

This can be seen as an "added convenience" to enhance the supply chain, swiftly and reliably transporting goods from production locations to import/export terminals.

ALS's customers are almost logistics/forwarder companies and airlines that need cargo consolidation and delivery.

ALS owns over 350 vehicles, with diverse carrying capacities ranging from 1.25 tons to 15 tons, ready to meet transportation demands.

All vehicles are enclosed trucks suitable for industrial goods, ensuring compliance with security and hygiene standards.

The vehicle system is concentrated around gathering points near Noi Bai Airport, capable of receiving and processing shipment orders at the airport within 30 minutes to 1 hour (after the order is confirmed).

2. What are the advantages of transporting goods with ALS?

Transporting goods to Noi Bai Airport is vital in completing the integrated chain connecting goods from factories/production factories to the airport's air cargo import/export area.

This service will circulate goods to their destinations, exploit, and clear through customs more quickly.

Moreover, as a company with over 15 years of experience in providing Air Cargo Logistics services, ALS understands the specific requirements at the airport and always has a plan to ensure that goods are processed and delivered more quickly.

We have a particular strength in delivering goods to Cargo Terminals at the airport and businesses operating in production and business areas around Noi Bai.

With a complete service cycle, businesses will save more time handling and delivering goods and reduce costs associated with searching for and transporting goods for their units.

3. How to connect and use the Noi Bai Airport transportation service

Businesses needing cargo transportation services to Noi Bai Airport can visit ALS offices directly or contact our cargo support staff to request the use of the company's cargo delivery services. Additionally, customers can leave their information for assistance regarding the service through the company's online communication channels, such as:

- Webite:

- Tổng đài: 1900 3133

- Email:

- Fanpage/Linkedin: Aviation Logistics Corporation

We hope this article has helped you understand more about ALS's cargo transportation service to Noi Bai Airport. If you need further advice or detailed information about the service, please get in touch with our team of experts for prompt assistance.

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