Nike’s supply chain in the Southern region of Vietnam is back on demand


According to the representative of Nike Vietnam Co., Ltd., on 8th March, after being affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, Nike's supply chain in the South has fully recovered. The Northern counterpart is also making efforts to restore production and business. 

Previously, Nike and many businesses were significantly affected by the Covid-19 outbreak in many southern provinces, causing disruptions in production activities. 

Affirming the importance of economic cooperation with US businesses, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Do Thang Hai said that the Ministry would effectively deploy, ensuring the supply of raw materials and the needs of recovery and development, focusing on removing difficulties for critical industrial projects. 

The Ministry also provides maximum support to factories to restore supply chains and maintain demands with other countries, including the US. 

"In the future, we will focus on implementing large public investment projects, especially in energy, infrastructure, and trade, to boost the economy's demand for consumption and trade of the economy as well as expanding markets for key manufacturing industries such as steel, mechanics, building materials and automobiles," said Deputy Minister Do Thang Hai. 

He emphasized that in a challenging and unstable time, particularly the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, it has affected the global economy, production, and consumption. The steep world oil price has significantly affected the domestic price of finished petroleum products. 

Regarding import and export activities, the Deputy Minister said that the Ministry would closely monitor the situation of Covid-19 and the trade between countries to advise the Government on operating solutions to cope with drawbacks. 

Several leading US corporations investing and operating in Vietnam agreed to expand the plan with further investment, production, and business in 2022, including: Ford and ExxonMobil Group









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