Hanoi ranked 3rd in South Korea’s exported air cargo volume


A survey of VITIC (Vietnam industry and trade information centre) with Korean small and medium enterprises showed that Hong Kong (China) is the most popular destination for Korean air cargo exports, Hanoi coming in third.

The South Korean government continues to deploy solutions to ensure the transportation of goods for exporters, this time, air transport is being tendered for small to medium enterprises and startups.

Agreement between the Korea SMEs and Startups Agency (KOSMES), Korean Air Lines (KAL) and the Koreas branch of US DHL to transport goods at discounted rates starting in September 2022 and extending to the end of the year.

According to the agreement, Korea Airlines (KAL) will weekly reserve a maximum capacity of 12 tons for Korean small and medium enterprises with transportation demands on Incheon-Hong Kong and Incheon-Hanoi flights. .

Flight routes from Incheon to Hong Kong and Hanoi are in high demand, which are the gateways to Southern China and Southeast Asia. 

According to KOSMES, these supportive movements are expected to meet with the export demand of SMEs, contributing to stabilize logistics requirements and in preparation for enlarging cargo volume in the second half of 2022.

With DHL’s participation, KOSMES is arranging discounted air freight for SMEs with small volumes of goods. This approach will reduce logistics costs for e-commerce retailers, which have small merchandise scale.

According to Mr.Kim Moon-hwan, Head of Global Growth HQ at KOSMES, the demand for air transport is increasing due to the growing e-commerce, and many SMEs are struggling due to increased shipping costs. Therefore, the Korean Government will actively support to reduce the burden of transportation for businesses and maintain export growth.

Source: https://logistics.gov.vn/dich-vu-logistics/van-tai/ha-noi-diem-den-thu-3-ve-khoi-luong-hang-hoa-xuat-khau-bang-duong-hang-khong-tu-han-quoc

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