Freight forwarding services for enterprise’s import/export goods


ALS is renowned as the leading of aviation logistics in Vietnam, since the establishment, ALS has accustomed with the high frequency of goods circulation from international enterprises. In each process of export/import goods, ALS ensures the cargo flows resiliently and efficiently by offering customized logistics service for each business’s supply chain in the best shape.

Freight forwarding service for enterprise’s import/export goods is among the crucial links of ALS’s service chains, which is designed to ensure constant and fast circulation of enterprise’s cargo flows to each points of sale or storage locations as the required demands.

What is freight forwarding service for import/export goods?

In the most basic form, freight forwarding for import/export goods shared the same idea with other common freight forwarding services, except this service is designed uniquely and suitably for business’s demands in specialized aviation import/export goods processes. 

This service is attached with each steps and whole procedures of import/export goods:

  • For import goods, the transportation process begins when goods are moved to ports/cargo terminals and then to off-airport cargo terminal/express handling centre/warehouse/CFS, the final destination for import goods will be the agents, points of sale in one or various locations.
  • For export goods, the similar process will also be applied. 

In general, freight forwarding service for import/export goods often relates with multi points and locations transportation, such traits require transportation business required to have well-founded infrastructure and many facilities to meet with flexible capacity conversion from customers. 

What is the edge of ALS’s freight forwarding service

The most important parts of any freight forwarding services are the on-time respond and throughout connection, these elements help to ensure the security of business’s cargo flow. From the long-standing experience in the supply chain management of ALS, we focused on such elements for our freight forwarding service as the competitive edges.

  • Throughout connection: as a professional logistics business, ALS created and developed diversified logistics ecosystem and infrastructure (Cargo and off-airport cargo terminal, warehouse services, office, in-land depots,…) ALS has the total gasp of procedures and requirements to bring goods to the desired destination in the shortest possible timespan.
  • On-time respond: In each entrepôt, ALS prepared large truck fleet to response customer’s demand on time. Particularly, our truck fleet varies in capacity and optimized for each course (Prioritizing smaller trucks for urban regions, while the medium-to-large-size trucks for longer or inter-province courses). We will notify to our partners for suitable trucks and optimized courses as following the requested demand from business’s supply chain.

For which reason, the cargo flow combines with ALS’s freight forwarding service circulate at the faster rate and resilient. 

What are other logistics from ALS to meet with each business’s demand?

  • ALS cargo terminal: Handling both import and export goods for international enterprises
  • Off-airport cargo terminal: Creating faster solutions for goods in customs clearance. Specifically, businesses can conduct consolidate/deconsolidate goods, aviation import/export procedures locally without the need to send goods to airport/depots.
  • Warehouse services: Storage goods and distribution in various conditions: Standard, temperature-controlled, document, bonded, CFS, AFS warehouses.
  • Logistics infrastructure service: In-land depot, industrial parks, office,…

By using added-value services from ALS, businesses can reduce time for handling goods from 15 – 30% less than conventional methods

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