Cool warehouse to store food and what is its standard?


What kind of food that cool warehouse preserve and the standard of preservation in the facility?

Let’s find out more about cool warehouse information with this article

What is cool warehouse to preserve food?

Cool warehouse is a specialized warehouse which its main function to preserve food in specific range of temperature (based on storage requirement from each company and nature of food to preserve).

The most popular food to store in cool warehouse are: raw food, processed food, frozen food, etc.

Cool warehouse standard to preserve food?

The first difference of cool warehouse to preserve food and other kinds of warehouse such as: cold or standard warehouse, which is temperature range.

Cool warehouse usually has temperature range from (-10) to 12 Celsius degree, cold warehouse is much colder and standard one is higher than cool warehouse.

A standardized cool warehouse needs to ensure the synchronous infrastructure, detailed designs, modern facility, the main components of cool warehouse are:

  • PU material to cover the warehouse’s outer layer
  • Roof, floor, walls are paneled with 10 centimeters heatproof plates
  • Well-arranged layers
  • Automatic temperature adjustment system
  • The minimum area of cool warehouse needs to be at least 10 square meters and more (To ensure optimal cost and usage)
  • Cool warehouse is also required to have cold rooms, air circulation system, humidity,….

What does ALS cool warehouse system to preserve food have?

As one of the leading logistics companies in providing cool chain solutions to preserve food for various big retail distributors and manufacturing businesses in both domestic and international market, ALS is the reliable partner in preserving goods at high quality, extended services in distributing to supermarkets, industrial catering services, convenience store chain,…

ALS has established modern cold warehouses that covered in large area and available in various major hubs of northern Vietnam. With this model, our cool and cold chain services are responsive in circulating goods in many business’s cold chains.

In each of our warehouses are divided into many kinds of cold rooms from deepfreeze to public cold storage facility and cool warehouse for any kinds of food.

All of ALS’s warehouses are designed to maintain peak performance and isolated from outside’s environment to minimize heat dissipation. Furthermore, we ensure operations in one unify system for the best customer experience.

Besides, ALS owned diversified logistics ecosystem, which can meet with many logistics, import/export demands globally as your businesses on-demand requirements. 

Cool warehouse price list to preserve food

Please be advised that our suggested cool and cold warehouse price list to store food in the below table. This list hasn’t applied discount rates, included other fees and only for advisory. In the actual terms, ALS will offer discount to each customer:

Types of warehouse for lease

Measurement unit

Price (USD/month)


Cool warehouse to store food

M3 (Cubic meters)


- Volume measurement formula: Length x Width x Height = Area x Height

- Temperature ranges at ALS cool warehouse from: 12 – 22 Celsius degree 

- Average humidity: +/-50%

Cold warehouse to store food

M3 (Cubic meter)/ton

0,72 to 0,8 USD/day/m3/ton

- Volume measurement formula: Length x Width x Height = Area x Height

- Minimum storage duration: from 15 days and longer

*Note: The price list is only applied with published article. The leasing price may vary in accordance with market’s adjustments. For more information, please contact with ALS’s experts to update the latest and precise price. 

We hope that the article has provided sufficient information about cool warehouse to preserve food and standard in the warehouse to maintain storage quality.

If you need to be advised more about such kinds of specialized warehouses for business’s operations, please don’t be hesitate to contact our experts.

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