What is a bonded warehouse in Vietnam?


1. What is a bonded warehouse in Vietnam?

A bonded warehouse is a warehouse area established in the territory of Vietnam, separating the surrounding area to temporarily store, preserve or perform several services with goods brought from abroad or from within the country according to the contract of leasing foreign warehouses under customs inspection and supervision.

2. Conditions to be approved as bonded warehouses

According to the Customs Law, there are at least five conditions that a warehouse must reach to become a bonded warehouse:

2.1. The Locations: The warehouse needs to be in particular areas as prescribed in paragraph 1 of Article 62 of the Customs Law; areas need to be approved by competent authorities located in logistics development planning nationwide, investment incentive areas; and areas for centralized export activities in agriculture, forestry, and aquaculture productions.

2.2. The Independence:  The warehouse must be independently separated from the surrounding area by barriers; entire areas are under the Customs supervision, except for warehouses at border gates and harbor areas isolated from the surrounding area by fencing walls.

2.3. The Area: A bonded warehouse must have a minimum area of 5,000 m2 (including the storage, yards, and ancillary works). The storage area must be at least 1,000 m2. Otherwise, specialized bonded warehouse yard area must be at least 10.000 m2, no requirement for a storage area

2.4. The software: a bonded warehouse must be equipped a software following these criteria:

·     Management of import, export, storage, reports by items, purchasing subjects, or customs declaration forms;

·       Available backup data and output data to reports, statistics, archives.

·       Software must have a direct line connecting to the competent authorities Customs agency.

2.5. Camera system: a bonded warehouse must be equipped with a camera system that meets the following criteria:

·       Observable to every position in the bonded warehouse and images must be recorded 24/7

·       Data must be saved for at least 12 months;

·       The camera system must be directly connected to competent authorities Customs age.

3. Which kinds of goods can store in a bonded warehouse?

·   Import goods are waiting for consumption in the Vietnam market. Goods in transit and storage in Vietnam to wait for the export to a third country.

·  Goods completed customs procedures already and have been waiting for export. When goods expire temporarily, they must be re-exported. Goods are forced to be re-export by competent state agencies.

4. Bonded warehouse service providers in Vietnam

There are several suitable locations for operating a bonded warehouse in Vietnam. As mentioned above, a bonded warehouse must apply some conditions, particularly places. We can recommend some locations that may help your company to consider using the services:

4.1. Bonded warehouse in My Dinh, HN

Bonded warehouses located in urban always bring much convenience. Goods are stored closer to your company, traffic is smooth, and all procedures are quickly handled. And all the supports you need can show up speedily.

4.2. Bonded warehouse in Thai Nguyen, Bac Ninh, and other key industrial zones.

Bonded warehouses insides industrial zones are also good options, which could save time and distance for companies, especially factories that need materials, components, production, machinery to smoothen their manufactures.

Even though ALS no longer provides services at a bonded warehouse in Ha Noi, bonded warehouse services in the key industrial zones are still our essential keys in the ALS logistics chain. ALS is the leader of bonded warehouse companies in Vietnam, so connect us to know more about our bonded warehouse services via:

Email: contact@als.com.vn

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