Beijing’s efforts on removing logistics congestion due to Covid-19


Beijing city authorities are spending huge efforts to resolve logistics congestions and support ecommerce platforms in increasing manufacturing and transport capacity with the ongoing Omicron variants situation in China.

In the recent announcements, Mrs. Liu Min – Vice director of Beijing city’s commerce committee reported that the wide-spreading epidemic in Beijing has put large pressure on online shopping activities due to shippers being lockdown and some warehouses temporarily closed.

Also, according to Mrs. Liu Min, Beijing’s putting much effort on recovering transport capacity. Until recently, 42 unaffected warehouses by the pandemic from ecommerce platforms in Beijing, which have recovered with 18.000 drivers that shipped about 1.8 million order per day.

Besides, supermarkets and offline stores from many large suppliers have back to the business.

Ms. Liu Min added that some supermarkets in Shanghai have launched various packages of necessities included rice, noodles, vegetables, fruits and personal hygiene products to further improve distribution efficiency.

The above necessities will be delivered to the local communities through third-party logistics companies after people notify the need to neighboring communities or order on the supermarket's app.

The city of Shanghai is currently increasing large-scale testing for healthcare personnel against the epidemic, including shippers, providing convenient testing services.

Source: bnews

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