News #62 - CMA CGM Air Cargo prepares to launch Trans-Pacific route


CMA CGM Air Cargo is set to launch a Trans-Pacific route connecting Asia with North America, marking a significant advancement in the company’s air freight services.

To facilitate operations to new destinations, the company will receive two Boeing B777-200F aircraft this year. The first aircraft, expected in June 2024, will commence operations on the Trans-Pacific route during the summer peak season, with the second aircraft scheduled for delivery in the fourth quarter of 2024.

These aircraft will enhance connectivity, with the first B777-200F serving airports in Hong Kong, Chicago, and Seoul, while the second will focus on routes from mainland China to North America. Operations will be carried out by Atlas Air.

The addition of these two new aircraft to its fleet and their deployment on the Trans-Pacific route mark a significant milestone in CMA CGM AIR CARGO’s network expansion strategy, paving the way for further advancements in the coming months.

In the first quarter of 2025, CMA CGM AIR CARGO plans to acquire a third B777-200F, further enhancing its fleet capacity and expanding its operational range to better meet customer demands for capacity and connectivity.

Looking towards 2026, the delivery of 8 Airbus A350F aircraft will help CMA CGM AIR CARGO establish a comprehensive global network, addressing the growing logistics demands of air freight customers worldwide.

As a pioneering customer for the A350 freighter variant, CMA CGM AIR CARGO has chosen the most environmentally efficient aircraft available, reaffirming its commitment to sustainable transport. The A350F stands out with a 20% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to similar aircraft, making it the only large freighter capable of meeting the CO2 standards set by ICAO, effective from 2028.

Just three years after its launch, CMA CGM AIR CARGO has successfully implemented three main air freight solutions: scheduled flights (with 12 weekly departures from Paris to China and India), charter flights, and third-party logistics services. These solutions are supported by a fleet of leading aircraft and a proficient air freight team.

With its dedicated booking system and commercial team, CMA CGM AIR CARGO offers a comprehensive range of solutions for transporting sensitive cargo, including hazardous materials, temperature-sensitive goods, perishable items, live animals, and high-value products.

Currently, the CMA CGM AIR CARGO fleet includes 2 B777F and 3 A330F aircraft, all based at the Paris-Charles de Gaulle (CDG) hub.

The two B777F aircraft facilitate connectivity between Europe and China, operating 5 weekly flights to Hong Kong and 4 weekly flights to Shanghai. Of the three A330F aircraft in the current fleet, two are leased to third parties, while the third operates routes connecting Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Mumbai, and Guangzhou three times a week.


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