Document Warehouse

ALS provides document warehouse services with a total area of up to 5000sqm.

Document warehouses located at gateways that are easy to connect, transfer, ensure the operation and manage business.


ALS – store and access your document easily

1. Safe and secure: documents are managed by 24/7 supervision system.
2. Convenient location: easy to connect to urban and suburban Hanoi.
3. Flexible lease calculation: by area (m2) or by period (days/ months/ years)
4. Easy to track information: Documents are ensured to be safe, secure and easy to track
5. Fast-tracking support system: modern INFO system is equipped to find data quickly
6. Modern equipment according to State Clerical and Archives Department’s standard, Storage laws
7. Optimum storage condition: documents are stored in sealed cartons in standard condition (20 degrees C and humidity of 50% )
8. Customize services as customers’ request: digitalizing contents, packing, editing documents, destroying documents, delivering and receiving documents to specified locations, converting,etc



ALS document warehouses meet all storage standards requires from the State record and archives department of Vietnam and archives laws.
  • Warehouse owner certificate
  • Fire fighting and prevention certificate
  • Standards of the State record and archives department of Vietnam
  • ISO 9001:2015

Location: ALS document warehouses

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